MSc and PhD Scholarship

GRÓ GTP offers MSc and PhD Scholarship to former Fellows.  Fellows that have graduated from the Six Month Training Programme are eligible to apply for a MSc and/or PhD Scholarship to study at the University of Iceland (UI) and Reykjavík University (RU).

Many Fellows have already completed their MSc or PhD degrees when they come to Iceland, but several excellent students with BSc and MSc degrees have made requests to come back to Iceland for a higher academic degree. The MSc and PhD Scholarships are intended to offer this opportunity to outstanding Fellows. The Scholarships are a cooperation between GRÓ GTP and University of Iceland and Reykjavík University. The MSc and PhD degrees in Science and Engineering are granted by the respective university.

The Six Months Training Programme is an integral part of the MSc programme and accounts for 30 ECTS out of 120 in total or 25% towards the MSc degree.  The additional 90 ECTS are to be completed at UI or RU in the form of lectures and thesis work according to faculty agreements. The completion of the MSc degree is expected to take about 1½ years in addition to the 6 months at GRÓ GTP.

Application details for a MSc and PhD Scholarship can be found here!