Six Month Training project reports and MSc theses

The Six Month Training project reports are edited and published by GRÓ GTP. The individual reports are available on the website as well as online search engines such as Gegnir and Google. Prior to 2020, the reports were printed in Annual Yearbooks which were sent by mail upon request to former Fellows as well as universities and leading geothermal research institutions. The extra cost of printing books and CDs was met in recognition of the difficulties experienced in most of our cooperating countries in downloading heavy texts from the Internet. In recent years, this has become less of an issue and with regards to the environment, the reports and most publications are now only published online.

Links to the annual Six Month project reports and MSc theses can be found in the respective years below. The links lead to files uploaded in the on-line library Gegnir where it is possible to retrieve files for most of the UNU/GRÓ Fellow reports and MSc theses by searching for titles or authors or keywords and 'United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme or GRÓ GTP'.

Six Month Training reports and MSc theses

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