Climate change focus in UNU-LRT excursion

21 August 2014
Few steps away from the glacier
Few steps away from the glacier

Last week the UNU-LRT fellows went on an excursion to the south and south-eastern part of Iceland. The theme of the trip was climate change and its consequences. The retreat of glaciers for the last century is very vivid in this part of Iceland and the fellows got a comprehensive view of glacial changes in Iceland as an effect of climate change. Those changes were very clear in the visit to Vatnajökull National Park which encompasses Europe’s largest glacier. The trip also gave the fellows an opportunity to link the issues taught in the classroom earlier with real experiences on the ground.

During the trip the fellows had the opportunity to learn from experts in environmental issues, meteorology and geology and got an introduction to research work on changes in the weather and the environment and what measures have and can be taken to meet the challenges posed by climate change. Consequences for flora and fauna, agriculture-, fishing- and tourism industries, and risk of natural disasters were among the issues covered. The fellows also visited wetland restoration area, a local farm, and like in the previous trip this summer, they visited a museum that gave an inside to the Icelandic culture and life in the countryside in the past.

The photo shows UNU-LRT fellows with the Assistant Park Manager in Vatnajökull National Park standing on a new land that recently appeared from under the Skaftafell outlet glacier.