Course participants at Zeyisie Elgo Kebele during a field visit session. Photo: Arba Minch University
5 May 2022

Short course in Ethiopia

GRÓ LRT is delighted to announce the successful implementation of a 5-day training course organized in partnership with the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative and Arba Minch University on Integrated approaches for land restoration through sustainable land management in Arba Minch, Ethiopia.
Dr Gerald Eilu with GRÓ LRT fellows in a group work session
29 April 2022

Guest lecturer from Makerere University

Dr Gerald Eilu, Associate Professor in the Department of Forestry, Biodiversity and Tourism at Makerere University in Uganda, was the second international guest lecturer at the GRÓ LRT six-month training programme this week. Prof. Eilu gave a full-day lecture on biodiversity and its importance for human societies, addressing the issue in the context of ecosystem services, international frameworks and strategies for biodiversity conservation.
Dr Richard Thomas with the GRÓ LRT fellows of 2022
28 April 2022

Guest lecturer from the ELD Initiative

This week Dr Richard Thomas, the Scientific Coordinator of the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative, gave two-day course on the economics of land dynamics in GRÓ LRT six-month training programme. This was the fifth time that Dr Thomas contributed to the GRÓ LRT Programme as a guest lecturer.
14 March 2022

First day of class for the GRÓ LRT fellows of 2022

We welcomed a new group of fellows to our annual six-month training this morning.
18 February 2022

GRÓ LRT six-month training eligible for 30 ECTS credits

The GRÓ LRT six-month training is eligible for ECTS credits as from 2022. This means that fellows completing the training successfully will, in addition to GRÓ LRT Certificate of Completion, also receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Ecosystem Restoration and Sustainable Land Management (30 ECTS) from the Agricultural University of Iceland.
10 January 2022

Funding opportunity for private sector initiatives through the Icelandic SDGs Partnership Fund

Recognizing the critical importance of the private sector in driving sustainable development, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Iceland established the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Fund in 2018.