14 April 2021

First day of class of GRÓ LRT 2021 at Keldnaholt

We welcomed a new group of fellows for our annual six-month training here at Keldnaholt campus this morning.
9 February 2021

GRÓ LRT Supporting Partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

GRÓ LRT has been approved as an official Supporting Partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030. As a Supporting Partner, GRÓ LRT will help promote and amplify the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and its activities, but the UN Decade will be officially launched at the World Environmental Day on 5 June 2021.
23 December 2020

Season´s greetings!

2020 was an eventful year for the Land Restoration Training Programme. On the first day of January, we transitioned from the UNU to join the GRÓ International Centre for Capacity Development, Sustainable use of Natural Resources and Societal Change, a new UNESCO category 2 centre located in Iceland. In the beginning of May, we welcomed a new Director to the Programme. The year 2020 turned out to be an extraordinary time for LRT, like for everyone else with the emergence of COVID-19, and the pandemic continued to impact all our activities from mid-March and throughout the year.
Ragnheiður I. Þórarinsdóttir and Jón Karl Ólafsson
12 August 2020

Signing of host institution agreement

Today a new host institution agreement was signed between the GRÓ Centre for Capacity Development under the auspices of UNESCO and the Agricultural University of Iceland. On this occasion the Chairman of the GRÓ Governing Board, Mr. Jón Karl Ólafsson and the GRÓ Centre Director General, Ms. Bryndís Kjartansdóttir, were welcomed at the premises of GRÓ LRT where the agreement was signed by Mr. Jón Karl Ólafsson and Dr. Ragnheiður I. Þórarinsdóttir, the Rector of the Agricultural University of Iceland.
22 May 2020

Celebrating the International Day of Biodiversity with a UNESCO Panel Discussion

Today we celebrate the International day for Biological Diversity by participating in UNESCO expert panel on the theme of the day, “Our solutions are in nature”. GRÓ LRT Deputy Director is one of the speakers in the panel, addressing the topic “What are the possible ways/tools to regenerate ecosystems and restore our links to the living?” This UNESCO initiative gives us opportunity to come together in this period of great uncertainty around common values, to share the resources on which we can rely upon to be collectively resilient and to accelerate a transformation towards a more sustainable and fair world.
Dr Sjöfn Vilhelmsdóttir the new director
5 May 2020

New Director at GRÓ LRT

Dr Sjöfn Vilhelmsdóttir is the new Director of the GRÓ Land Restoration Training Programme as from 1 May 2020.