UNU-LRT alumni at SER World Conference
4 October 2019

UNU-LRT at the SER World Conference

UNU-LRT was well represented at the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) World Conference, held in Cape Town, South Africa at the end of September. This was the first time an African country hosted the conference and thus a good opportunity for the UNU-LRT alumni, especially from Africa, to network and present their work. UNU-LRT hosted a symposium at the conference entitled: Land restoration for improved livelihood in Africa: Challenges and opportunities. A part from the talk from the UNU-LRT Director on capacity building for restoring land, four other speakers presented their work in the symposium, among them two former UNU-LRT fellows, Mr Mulugeta Sebhatleab Tesfay from Ethiopia (fellow in 2014) and Ms Setrida Mlamba from Malawi (fellow in 2018).
Graduating group of 2019
23 September 2019

Graduation at UNU-LRT

The UNU-LRT fellows graduated from the annual six-month training programme on 18 September in a ceremony at Keldnaholt Research Campus of the Agricultural University of Iceland. This was the largest group so far to graduate; 21 fellow from 10 countries in Africa and Central Asia, 11 women and 10 men. Up to date, a total of 139 fellows have graduated from the programme and 48% of them have been women and 52% men.
30 August 2019

New learning platform on landscape restoration

We would like to invite you to explore a new learning platform on the internet: The platform is an online space for practitioners, policy makers, academics, environmental and business professionals to meet each other, share knowledge and learn about landscape restoration.
17 June 2019

Celebrating the World Day to Combat Desertification

On 17 June every year, we celebrate the World Day to Combat Desertification. This year we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. On this occasion, UNU-LRT highlights the importance of sustainable land management and ecosystem restoration to achieve many of the UN sustainable development goals.
Course team and participants
4 June 2019

Second short course in Mongolia on communicating knowledge for sustainable rangeland management under climate change

This spring, UNU-LRT ran a training course in Mongolia for the second time on “Communicating Knowledge for Sustainable Rangeland Management under Climate Change – Improving Analytic and Reporting Skills”. The goal of the course is to provide training to communicate and synthesize knowledge on environmental monitoring, so that it can be translated into effective policy making for sustainable rangeland use.
Mr Abdul-Salam Mahamud Baba
15 April 2019

New article by a former UNU-LRT fellow

Mr Abdul-Salam Mahamud Baba, a UNU-LRT fellow in 2017, has just published the results of his individual research project at UNU-LRT as a short communication article in the journal Icelandic Agricultural Sciences. Baba conducted a field experiment in Iceland to assess how insect pests, in combination with reduced water availability, can influence crop production. Insect pests are a main constraint to vegetable production in Ghana, Baba’s home country. The incidence of pests is also likely to be exacerbated by ongoing environmental changes, like the increased frequency and intensity of droughts, so an understanding of the combined effects of pest damage and environmental conditions can help in mitigating crop losses.