External evaluation of UNU-LRT

15 December 2017
External evaluation of UNU-LRT

In 2017, UNU-LRT went through a comprehensive external evaluation. The evaluation also included the other UNU training programmes in Iceland on geothermal, fisheries and gender equality.  The evaluation was carried out by the Scandinavian consultancy company NIRAS. The recently published evaluation report was very positive and shows that UNU-LRT and the other three UNU training programmes are highly relevant to the trained specialists (the fellows) and their institutions as well as for the Icelandic development cooperation strategy.

In the evaluation report it was affirmed that UNU-LRT provides training of high quality and that the balance between theory and practice and social needs is good. Further, it was stated that the activities of UNU-LRT are relevant to the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals, both directly and indirectly, and that cost comparison to other capacity development efforts in developed countries is at a reasonable level. According to the report, there is also room for improvement. Several recommendations were put forth in the report and UNU-LRT will carefully explore these to improve the programme further.

The final evaluation report, which was published in October, can be read here