Fellows present research findings in an open seminar

6 September 2016
Fellows and supervisors
Fellows and supervisors

The UNU-LRT fellows reached an important milestone in the six-month training programme this week when they presented the results of their individual research projects in an open seminar at the research campus of the Agricultural University of Iceland. As always, the individual projects spanned a range of topics including: assessment of the impact of cultivation on soil organic carbon; assessment of the impact of  tree species on soil fertility in farmers’ fields in Niger; studies on the degradation of rangelands in Kyrgyzstan and Lesotho; and research on the effect of sand mines in Northern Ghana on the livelihood of local people and the ability of authorities to improve the situation with restoration interventions (see seminar programme here).

During the seminar it became evident that the fellows have made good use of their time throughout the training period and that the leadership and presentation technique training has been successful. Now it is the task of the fellows to bring the knowledge and skills gained from their respective projects to the right channels when back home. In some cases, that can be done by digging deeper into their research topics or to present the results to the right authorities as potential solutions for pressing problems or issues in their home countries.

The UNU-LRT Team congratulates the fellows on their outstanding performances.