Fellows present their project results

17 September 2021
Paulean Kadammanja from the Ministry of Agriculture, Malawi
Paulean Kadammanja from the Ministry of Agriculture, Malawi

This week the GRÓ LRT fellows presented the results of their final projects in an open seminar at Keldnaholt campus of the Agricultural University of Iceland. The fellows have been working on their projects over the last months under the supervision of specialists from institutes and organizations in Iceland.

As always, the projects cover a wide range of issues under the umbrella of land restoration and sustainable land management. The diverse issues covered reflect the various topics and tasks that the fellows are dealing with in their work in their home countries. When returning home in a couple of weeks, the fellows will share their research findings with their colleagues, along with vital insights and experiences from the six-month training in Iceland. Carrying out an individual research project and bringing back home the project findings is key in GRÓ LRT’s approach to support capacity building in its partner institutions.

Here you can find the list with the titles of the fellows’ projects and the names of their supervisors.