Former UNU-LRT fellow promoted to a Director

10 February 2014
Mr Azamat Isakov
Mr Azamat Isakov

Mr Azamat Isakov from Kyrgyzstan, a former UNU-LRT fellow from 2013, has been elected a Director at his organization CAMP Alatoo in Kyrgyzstan. Previously Mr Isakov was a Coordinator for a Pasture Management Project at CAMP Alatoo, a Public Foundation established in 2004 that promotes sustainable improvement of mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The Strategic Goal of the Foundation is to promote the improvement of livelihoods of the Central Asian Mountain communities based on the sustainable natural resource management through development, adaptation and introduction of the best international and local experiences. Mr Isakov ‘s main duties as a Director are managing CAMP Alatoo current activities, communicating with donors and partners, administrative and financial management, fundraising, and managing human resources. Total members of staff at CAMP Alatoo in Kyrgyzstan are 21 and additionally seven staff members are at the newly opened CAMP Alatoo branch “CAMP Tabiat” in Tajikistan.

The UNU-LRT team congratulates Mr Isakov on his promotion.