GRÓ LRT fellows visit AUI headquarters

30 March 2023
GRÓ LRT fellows visit AUI headquarters

This week, the 2023 GRÓ LRT cohort of fellows visited the headquarters of the Agricultural University (AUI) of Iceland in Hvanneyri, West-Iceland. The visit began with a warm welcome from the rector of AUI, Dr Ragnheiður I Þórarinsdóttir, and introduction to the strategy, educational- and research programmes, and the history of the university.

The fellows explored some of the facilities at AUI such as the agronomy centre and the dairy farm, where AUI students can get practical training and carry out research. The fellows also visited the Icelandic Agricultural Advisory Centre and the West-Iceland Centre of the Soil Conservation Service, both situated in Hvanneyri, where the fellows were introduced to their main activities and interactions with farmers and landowners.

The visit closed with an international café, where the fellows got the opportunity to meet and discuss with students and staff of AUI over coffee and cakes, before heading back to the city.