Guest lecturer from Makerere University

29 April 2022
Dr Gerald Eilu with GRÓ LRT fellows in a group work session
Dr Gerald Eilu with GRÓ LRT fellows in a group work session

Dr Gerald Eilu, Associate Professor in the Department of Forestry, Biodiversity and Tourism at Makerere University in Uganda, was the second international guest lecturer at the GRÓ LRT six-month training programme this week. Prof. Eilu gave a full-day lecture on biodiversity and its importance for human societies, addressing the issue in the context of ecosystem services, international frameworks and strategies for biodiversity conservation.

Prof. Gerald Eilu is a plant ecology/biodiversity conservation specialist with experience in biodiversity related research working mainly with plants in the Albertine Rift Forests, where he has been involved in efforts geared towards enhancing the conservation of plants in the protected areas and on agricultural landscapes.

GRÓ LRT and Makerere University have been working together since 2007. Six faculty members and researchers from Makerere University have participated in the GRÓ LRT six-month training in Iceland. GRÓ LRT and Makerere University, along with the Ugandan National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), have also worked together in developing a short course on “Sustainable land management, land restoration and linkages to climate change” for environment-, agricultural-, natural resources- and forest officers in districts in Uganda. The short course has been run three times in Uganda, from 2017-2019, and Prof. Gerald Eilu was one of the key specialists in developing the short course and providing the training.