International conference on grazing

15 September 2016
Mr Jinbaani presenting poster from Ghana fellows
Mr Jinbaani presenting poster from Ghana fellows

The international conference Grazing in a changing Nordic region is held in Reykjavik Iceland this week. The conference brings together specialists, academics and policymakers for an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and experiences, with the hope to contribute to sustainable management of land utilized for grazing. The fellows in the UNU-LRT six-month training programme participate in the conference and gave a presentation, titled Land tenure and policy implications on grazing: lessons from Africa and Central Asia.  Ms Malipholo Eleanor Hae from Lesotho gave the talk on behalf of the UNU-LRT fellows. The talk was very well received and generated stimulating discussion. 

Six of the UNU-LRT fellows also presented a poster at the conference.

The posters presented were:

Multi-nutritional feed blocks: a strategy to combat fodder shortages for livestock in Niger
MB Diallo & A Dan Gomma, National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRAN), Niger

Implication of cropping systems on conditions of grazing land: A Case of Kyrgyzstan and Malawi

P. Mdolo1 & Zh. Kozhomberdiev2

1Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Malawi

2Public Foundation CAMP Alatoo, Kyrgyz Republic

Improving livelihoods of smallholder livestock farmers of Northern Ghana through sustainable grassland management: the impact of innovation platform

AN Jinbaani1, VA Quansah2 & IO Ansah3

1CSIR-Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Ghana

2Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, University for Development Studies, Ghana

3CSIR-Soil Research Institute, Ghana

The conference is organized by NordGen in cooperation with the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland.  You can read more about the conference on its homepage