New group of UNU-LRT fellows

23 March 2017
The new group of fellows
The new group of fellows

UNU-LRT has received a new cohort of fellows for the 2017 six-month training programme. This year the fellows come from eight different countries: Mongolia (3 fellows) and Uzbekistan (1) in Central Asia and Ethiopia (1), Ghana (3), Lesotho (2), Malawi (1), Niger (1) and Uganda (2) in Africa, 10 men and four women. The UNU-LRT team looks forward to working with this vibrant group of fellows!

The overall goal of UNU-LRT six-month training programme is to train working professionals in developing countries in the methods and theories of sustainable land management and restoration of degraded land. Also to strengthen their capacities to implement those activities in their home countries by offering the fellows training in leadership- and dissemination skills.

The training programme, which started on 13 March, is composed of eight modules. The first three modules provide the programme’s backbone, the basic knowledge and understanding of degradation and restoration issues. In modules four to six, fellows learn to apply what they learned in previous models by using the project cycle as a process management framework. By doing that, the fellows will be able to link the science and practical aspects of land issues with project management. Furthermore, each fellow plans and implements a research project, which gives them experience in applying and synthesizing knowledge, and critically analysing and summarizing topics related to land restoration and sustainable land management, and to come up with realistic recommendations and strategies.