News from a former fellow

17 January 2014
Mr Gabou in Skagafjordur, Iceland
Mr Gabou in Skagafjordur, Iceland

In a letter to the UNU-LRT programme, Mr Mohamadou Habibou Gabou from Niger, a former UNU-LRT fellow from the 2013 six-month training programme, informed us about his promotion. Mr Gabou was working for the Ministry of Hydraulic and Environment in the capital city Niamey before he joined the UNU-LRT programme. Due to his completion of the programme in 2013 he has been promoted to a Director for the Ministry, which has now been split into two ministries, Ministry of Hydraulic and Ministry of Environment, Urban Sanitation and Sustainable Development, where Mr Gabou is now a Director in the town of Birni N’Gaouré, in the Region of Dosso, one of eight regions of Niger.

His responsibilities mostly relate to environmental management but he also has duties of advising and guiding communities and other actors of the region in urban sanitation and sustainable development. Moreover Mr Gabou is in charge of the implementation of the National Environmental Policy and Strategies in Birni N’Gaoure.

The UNU-LRT team congratulates Mr Gabou on his new position and wishes him well in his new responsibilities.