The 2018 UNU-LRT fellows have arrived

28 March 2018
UNU-LRT 2018 cohort
UNU-LRT 2018 cohort

We have a new group of energetic and enthusiastic fellows at UNU-LRT. They are 17 this year, ten women and seven men. The fellows are all experts in their respective countries working on issues related to land use and land management. They will stay for six-months at UNU-LRT to advance their knowledge and skills on halting land degradation, restoring degraded land and sustainable land management.

The fellows come from nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Central-Asia: Ethiopia, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi and Uganda, and Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Tajikistan is a new UNU-LRT partner country and two Tajik fellows attend the training programme this year.

This is the largest group that has attended the six-month training programme so far. We warmly welcome them all!