UNU-LRT fellows present their research projects at an open seminar

6 September 2017
Mr Akbar Akhmedov presents his project
Mr Akbar Akhmedov presents his project

This week the UNU-LRT fellows presented their research projects in an open seminar at the research campus of the Agricultural University of Iceland. The research projects address a wide range of issues linked to land condition and management such as assessment of how existing wetland policies and laws in Uganda address the drivers of wetland degradation; effects of increasing droughts, due to climate change, on pest damage in Ghana; assessment of land degradation and drivers of degradation in Mongolia; impact of watershed management on land cover change in Ethiopia; designing restoration plan based on land condition assessment; and use of the arts to promote environmental awareness in Ghana. One of the outputs of the project work was a song by Beatrice Dossah, inspired by her work on environmental art education in Ghana. You can see the seminar programme here.

The research projects show the diversity of issues that the fellows deal with in their work at home, but all projects are linked to challenges in their home countries. When resuming their work at home the fellows will share the knowledge and skills gained from their respective projects, and make good use of the acquired knowledge in their work duties.

The UNU-LRT Team congratulates the fellows on their outstanding performances.