UNU’s work toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

27 February 2018
UNU’s work toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

UNU recently launched its Sustainable Development Explorer, a new campaign highlighting UNU’s work to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015, the SDGs unite global action to overcome the world’s biggest challenges, from hunger and poverty to equality and peace.

UNU’s work is uniquely comprehensive, spanning the full breadth of the SDGs. Some 400 UNU researchers worldwide are engaged in more than 180 research projects, generating knowledge to develop realistic solutions to achieve the SDGs. The four UNU capacity building training programmes in Iceland, on Land Restoration, Fisheries, Geothermal and Gender Equality, all contribute to the Sustainable Development Explorer, under SDGs 4, 5, 7, 14 and 15.

UNU-LRT contributes by presenting our Six-month Training Programme on Land restoration and Sustainable Land Management, UNU-LRT Short Courses in our partner countries, the ENABLE project where we link ecology and economy, and our blog on SDG 15. We encourage you to explore these by clicking on the provided links.

Available in English and in Japanese, the SD Explorer offers visitors the opportunity to explore the “who” and “what” of UNU’s work, engage directly with UNU’s experts, and learn about how their ideas are generating knowledge to develop solutions to achieve the SDGs.

Access UNU’s Sustainable Development Explorer at unu.edu/explore 

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