Ms Gerlee Puntsag presents her project
10 September 2014

UNU-LRT fellows present their projects at an open seminar

This week the UNU-LRT fellows introduced their individual projects at an open seminar in the newly renovated localities of Keldnaholt campus, Agricultural University of Iceland. The fellows have been working on their projects since May and the oral presentations, along with comprehensive reports, are the final output of their work at the UNU-LRT programme. The final turn-in of their project reports is on 15 September and a few days later the graduation will take place.
Few steps away from the glacier
21 August 2014

Climate change focus in UNU-LRT excursion

Last week the UNU-LRT fellows went on an excursion to the south and south-eastern part of Iceland. The theme of the trip was climate change and its consequences. The retreat of glaciers for the last century is very vivid in this part of Iceland and the fellows got a comprehensive view of glacial changes in Iceland as an effect of climate change. Those changes were very clear in the visit to Vatnajökull National Park which encompasses Europe’s largest glacier. The trip also gave the fellows an opportunity to link the issues taught in the classroom earlier with real experiences on the ground.
7 July 2014

UNU-LRT Fellows visit West and North of Iceland

Last week the UNU-LRT fellows were taken on a 4-day field trip to the West and North of Iceland. The purpose of the trip was to expose them to some of the restoration work done in the region and the challenges faced in respect to land degradation and implementation of restoration projects. The Icelandic weather played a significant role during the trip as it was raining heavily at times but that made the black wet deserts in the highlands of Iceland all the more evident.
Fellows were introduced to cartography work
20 June 2014

Visit to the Icelandic Institute of Natural History

The UNU-LRT fellows visited the Icelandic Institute of Natural History recently in the Institute’s impressive new facilities in Gardabaer. The Director of the Ecology Department, Dr Borgþór Magnússon, and his staff welcomed the fellows and introduced the cartography work at the institution and research on rangeland condition, effect of climate change on vegetation and the distribution of the introduced Nootka lupine in Iceland.
Ms Monique Barbut at the UNU-LRT meeting
3 June 2014

The Executive Secretary of the UNCCD visits UNU-LRT

The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), Ms Monique Barbut, was in Iceland this week. During her stay she had a meeting with fellows, staff members and the Studies Committee of UNU-LRT. This was an honour for the programme, especially because it is rooted in the Convention and works towards the same objectives: to combat land degradation and desertification.
Mr Illo with the UNU-LRT group
27 May 2014

Ambassador from Niger visits UNU-LRT

The Brussels based ambassador of Niger to Iceland, Mr Adani Illo, paid the UNU-LRT programme a visit earlier this month. Mr Illo was introduced to the six-month training programme as well as to the fellows of this year´s programme. Among this year´s fellows are two men from Niger Republic which also discussed shortly with the ambassador the benefits of the programme to their institutions in Niger.