Brita Berglund

Lecturer, Supervisor

Brita Berglund


Short Bio

Brita Berglund has worked as a specialist at the Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) since 2005, mainly in connection with soil and environmental research but in later years also in the field of environmental communication. Her work involves both research activities and lecturing at the AUI and the UNU-LRT. She has also coordinated and taught a course in natural resource conflicts for the Scandinavian-Baltic university network NordNatur. Brita works closely with the UNU-LRT staff and has also been a temporary staff member on occasion when regular staff members have been on leave. Her research interests are presently in the field of environmental communication and she has published works on participatory approaches and conflict management in collaboration with scientists from Iceland and Sweden.


  • MSc, Environmental Communication, Agricultural University of Iceland in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • BSc, Geography, University of Iceland


Agricultural University of Iceland