Gustav Asbjornsson


Gustav Asbjornsson


Short Bio

Gustav Magnus Asbjörnsson is trained in land management and agricultural science. He joined the GRÓ LRT programme in 2014 and has been teaching different methods of measuring vegetation cover, restoration success and estimating land condition. He has also introduced how SCSI collects, keeps and uses data on different restoration projects.   

Gustav is District Officer in South Iceland. This involves working on programmes such as Farmers Heal the Land and the Land Improvement Fund. These programmes are based on a participatory approach and assist farmers and other landowners to restore degraded land and halt erosion. Gústav manages many restoration projects that are carried out by the SCSI in the south of Iceland. He also manages the land use part of a project called Quality Control in Sheep Farming.


  • BSc, Agricultural University of Iceland


Soil Conservation Service of Iceland