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Hreinn Oskarsson


Short Bio

Hreinn is the head of the National Forest Division of the Icelandic Forest Service. Formerly, he was the Director of the Heklaforest project from 2007 until 2017. His professional interest is within the broad field of afforestation and working with restoration of birch woodlands, afforestation, carbon sequestration and cooperation with various parts in that field. His interests are sustainable use of woodlands, forests and working on building up timber industry in Iceland. Expertise in protection and restoration of birch woodlands, forest landscape restoration, afforestation, soil preparation, nutrient application during afforestation, sustainable use of forests. Experience in different forms of land use planning as well as land development.


  • PhD, Forestry, University of Copenhagen
  • MSc, Forestry, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
  • BSc, Forestry, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University


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