Oddur Sigurdsson


Oddur Sigurdsson

Short Bio

Oddur Sigurdsson is geologist and chemist by training with special training in remote sensing and glaciology. He participated in geological and geotechnical research of sites for hydro power stations with the National Energy Authority (NEA) from 1966 to 1986. He was in charge of the monitoring program of glaciers with the NEA from 1987 and has continued as a part of the glaciological team of the Icelandic Met Office since 2009. Oddur has taught geology at junior colleges and courses in geology and glaciology for the Continuing Education Program of the University of Iceland. He is the co-author of several books on glaciology, geology, entomology and history as well as being author and co-author of many articles in scientific and popular magazines and periodicals. Oddur has one of the largest photo collections in Iceland on nature. He is active in collaboration with scientists at the United States Geological Survey and World Glacier Monitoring Service in Switzerland.

His research interest is documenting changes of glaciers, both ongoing and historical, as well as history of climate and volcanic eruptions contained in glaciers in Iceland.


Icelandic Meteorological Office