Thorunn Wolfram Petursdottir

Lecturer, Supervisor

Thorunn Wolfram Petursdottir


Short Bio

Thorunn Wolfram Petursdottir is a restoration ecologist, emphasising the use of transdisciplinary approaches in natural resource management. She is leading the development of the Centre for Ecosystem Restoration and Resilience-based Management, run by the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland. Her research focuses on analysing the social-ecological reasons for ecosystem degradation, the design of large-scale restoration projects/programmes, monitoring and evaluating their long-term impacts and how to embed ecosystem restoration into resilience-based management of natural resources. Dr. Petursdottir is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Ecological Restoration Int and currently involved in a couple of national and European research and network programmes.


  • PhD, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural University of Iceland
  • MSc, Restoration Ecology, Agricultural University of Iceland
  • BSc, Geography, University of Iceland


Soil Conservation Service of Iceland



Short Course

Integrated approaches for land restoration through sustainable land management

28.03.2022 - 1.04.2022
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