Brita Berglund


Brita Berglund

Project Manager

Short Bio

Brita is a Project Manager at GRÓ LRT. She has conducted research on stakeholder participation in land restoration, environmental conflicts, and on soil processes in agriculture and land restoration. Brita has worked at AUI for many years as a teacher, researcher, and as Head of Education and Quality Management. She teaches environmental communication at AUI to this day, and had many years of experience as a lecturer and supervisor for GRÓ LRT before joining the team. As a Project Manager for GRÓ LRT, Brita takes on a variety of roles, including coordinating academic operations in the six-month programme and maintaining GRÓ-LRT’s frameworks for monitoring and evaluation.


  • MSc, Environmental Communication, Agricultural University of Iceland in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • BSc, Geography, University of Iceland