Halldora Traustadottir


Halldora Traustadottir

Operations Manager
Postgrad. Diploma

Short Bio

Halldóra is the Operations Manager at GRÓ LRT. Halldóra worked with the Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) in Namibia in 2005-2006. In 2007, she became the Executive Managing Director for the Icelandic Women's Rights Association (NGO). In 2012, Halldóra started working at the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources as a specialist in gender budgeting, until she joined GRÓ LRT in 2013. As the Operations Manager, Halldóra coordinates the logistics for GRÓ LRT, including the enrolment of fellows, and offers practical guidance and administrative support to fellows and postgraduates during their time in Iceland.


  • Postgrad. Diploma, Applied Gender Studies, University of Iceland
  • MSc, Development Studies and Education, Roskilde University, Denmark
  • BA, Anthropology, University of Iceland