Zafar Adeel

Guest Lecturer

Zafar Adeel

2010, 2011

Short Bio

Zafar Adeel is the Director of UNU-INWEH. He also serves as the Chair of UN-Water, a group that coordinates water-related work in 30 United Nations organizations and a number of international water organizations. He has experience in a range of water and environmental issues, including monitoring and control of water pollution, water management in dry areas, solutions to industrial environmental problems, modelling of environmental systems, and environmental policy formulation. Dr. Adeel has led the development of a network of scientists working in water-scarce countries, particularly those in Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Through his editorial lead, this network has published eight books in the UNU Desertification Series: New Technologies to Combat Desertification (1999), Water Management in Arid Zones (2000), New Approaches to Water Management in Central Asia (2001), Integrated Water Management in Dry Areas (2001), Sustainable Management of Marginal Drylands (2003), Challenges of Drylands in the New Millennium (2004), Desertification and the International Policy Imperative (2007), and What Makes Traditional Technologies Tick? (2009). He co-chaired the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment team that produced the global desertification synthesis in 2005.


  • PhD, Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • MSc, Environmental Engineering, Iowa State University
  • BSc, Civil Engineering, University of Engg. & Tech, Lahore