Title: Assessing the perception of fringe communities on wetland management in Uganda: Case study of Rufuuha wetland, Ntungamo District

Author(s): Dinnah Tumwebaze
Final project
Year of publication:
Supervisors: Victor Pajuelo Madrigal
perception, fringe community, wetland management, Ntungamo District, Uganda


To ensure the health and wellbeing of the human population, wetlands should be managed sustainably to continue the services they provide and the justifiable exploitation of the earth’s resources. Cautious action needs to be directed towards the maintenance of the significant support systems of the ecosystem services on the globe, such as wetlands. This study aimed to assess the perception of fringe communities on the management of the Rufuuha wetland, Ntungamo District in south-western Uganda. The methodologies used in this study included simple random sampling. Results indicated that the state of Rufuuha wetland has been notably influenced by a lack of awareness of the wetland laws and regulations and a high local illiteracy level on sustainable wetland management. There is a need for sensitization of the community and an encouraging bottom-up approach in formulation and implementation of wetland laws.

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