Title: Assessment of community-based pasture management in mountains inner Tien Shan. A case study of Cholpon Aiyl Aimak in Naryn province, Kyrgyz Republic

Author(s): Kubanych Tagaev
Final project
Year of publication:
Supervisors: Bjorn H. Barkarson
Kyrgyzstan, community-based, pasture management, Cholpon municipality


The Kyrgyz people during the 2200-year history of their existence have accumulated traditions and customs related to livestock, which have been passed on from generation to generation. This study examines the influence of traditions on pasture management in Patriarchal-feudal, Soviet and after independence periods of Kyrgyzstan, using the Cholpon municipality as a case. During these periods, there has been a gradual separation of traditions and customs from the pasture management system, putting more weight on the knowledge, technologies and laws of the modern world. In the situation of Kyrgyzstan, this has not completely solved the issue of sustainable use of the pasture resources. The Pasture Committee of Cholpon municipality has been working since 2015 to revive forgotten traditions and customs associated with a careful attitude towards pastures and their integration into the pasture management system at the local level. The results of a survey conducted in Cholpon gives some indication as to how the integration has affected the social and environmental situation of pasture users. It reveals a positive view of local people in Cholpon towards the integration of traditions and customs into the community-based pasture management. Also, the general opinion is that the integration of traditions creates favourable conditions for increasing the participation of women and youth in the decision-making process.


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