Land cover effect on soil organic matter and plant available water of Icelandic soils

Author(s): Janice Nakamya
Final project
Year of publication:
Supervisors: Jon Gudmundsson , Maria Svavarsdottir , Tarek A. M. Zaqout
land cover, soil organic matter, plant available water, field capacity, wilting point


The goal of this project was to explore the contribution of seven land cover types of Iceland to soil organic matter content and plant available water in their soil. Soil samples were analysed for soil organic matter using the loss of ignition method. Soil water content at field capacity and wilting point was determined with the pressure plate method, and plant available water calculated from these. The data was used to assess the relationship of soil organic matter with plant available water, water content at field capacity and water content at wilting point in the seven land cover types.