Title: Land degradation and internally displaced person's camps in Pader District - Northern Uganda

Author(s): Joel Charles Owona
Final project
Year of publication:
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Supervisors: Jon Geir Petursson , Johann Thorarensen


This study aims to examine the extent to which land and other natural resources around the Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camps in Pader district for the last 22 years of wars have been impacted on and suggest possible measures to be taken. Satellite images, people’s livelihood strategies, on ground survey data from two IDP camps in Pader district Northern Uganda, were analyzed. The analysis shows that creation of 157 IDP camps has significantly affected the environment in terms of deforestation (138.861km2 of land devegetated), soil erosion, habitat destruction and pollution. It has also destroyed people’s wealth, social and cultural fabric and rendered them poor with no sufficient means of livelihood and self empowerment. This is additional to the fact that at least 20,000 youth have been abducted and forced to join LRA and up to 12,000 people have been killed.

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