Title: Promoting environmental awareness in sustainable land management and integrated planning

Author(s): Dina Maldybaeva
Final project
Year of publication:
Supervisors: Iris Björk Eysteinsdottir
land use, environmental awareness, biodiversity, rangeland degradation, integrated planning


About five million hectares of land in Kyrgyzstan have been subjected to water and wind erosion. Improper land use can lead to land degradation on a large scale and in some cases it becomes irreversible. Some main causes of land degradation are the intensive use of chemical fertilisers by farmers, overgrazing and lack of funds for land improvement. This harms the environment by causing soil degradation, deforestation, and desertification, as well as pollution. In order to minimise these problems, there is a need to increase public knowledge and environmental awareness of sustainable land management. Environmental awareness can be difficult to measure, but environmental awareness programmes can help reduce the impact of human activities on the environment. This project is an attempt to address the importance of environmental education, its aims and objectives, and methods of intervention for raising environmental awareness with regard to sustainable land management. It also discusses the successful experience of CAMP Alatoo PF in raising public awareness through information campaigns in the Bazar-Korgon district of Jalal-Abad region, Kyrgyzstan. The report describes activities aimed at raising environmental awareness, changing the consciousness of target groups and land use practices to conserve biodiversity and reduce degradation of pastures, forests, and arable land. Sustainable planning reduces resource loss and enhances resource efficiency, based on the principles of concerted stakeholder cooperation

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