Title: Research approaches for maximising knowledge gain and adoption

Author(s): Fred Yikii
Final project
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Supervisors: Andres Arnalds , Ingibjorg Elsa Bjornsdottir , Brian Slater


This study describes research approaches for maximising gain and adoption of knowledge in the field of natural resources. Specifically, it examined the concept of participatory research, devised ways for creating the conditions required for local initiative and involvement, and investigated the opportunities for developing research partnerships. It also identified the factors that facilitate access to and use of knowledge and technologies and developed generalisable guidelines for implementing the research approaches. The study was based on the review of literature complemented with a survey in Iceland. Data from the two sources were qualitatively analysed. The study showed that community participation and partnership with researchers and government/industry is vital for improving a gain in knowledge and adoption of approaches based on that knowledge. Incorporation of adoption into the research process, property rights, knowledge and information exchange and availability of infrastructure for extension work were important for facilitating adoption. The guidelines developed emphasised building a community base, research partnerships and the research base. The importance of participation in improving the efficiency of natural resources research is inferred and the higher levels of participation that actively involve a range of stakeholders are preferred. Community participation, partnership between community, researchers and government/industry, modes of funding and integration of adoption into the research process were critical for improving the efficiency of research for sustainable solutions. Community initiatives should therefore be supported by scientists, government and industry. Research institutions should incorporate participatory approaches in the criteria for rewarding scientists.

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