Title: The regulation of sustainable pastureland management with an emphasis on the laws of Mongolia, with examples from Iceland, Australia and New Zealand and recent international treaties in the field of the environment

Author(s): Suvd Manibadar
Final project
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Supervisors: Adalheiður Johannsdottir


Ecosystem and land degradation, including the deterioration of pasturelands, is one of the most serious environmental problems in many states, including Mongolia, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand. The principal objective of the study is to describe and analyse to a certain extent the relevant Mongolian laws and policy instrument relating to pastureland use and management to set forth a proposal for legal changes in Mongolia. Examples from Icelandic, Australian and New Zealand´s legislation will be used to make particular points. The study is furthermore set in a global context where some international policy issues relating to sustainable development as well as some multilateral environmental agreements and their objectives and principles play a role and it will be argued that Mongolia has not managed to implement or legally operationalize their main principles. In this light the study sets forth a proposal of guidelines for legal reforms of the Mongolian legislation on pasturelands and their management.

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