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Out and about in Húsavik

22 October 2021
Out and about in Húsavik

The Arctic char aquaculture station Haukamýri overlooks Húsavík town and has operated for more than 20 years. FTP fellows were shown around the breeding station by CEO Pétur Bergman Árnason who explained Haukamýri´s emphasis on quality and the environment. Fellows were interested in the disease free, eco-clean station and had many questions about the feed, which is made from non-genetically modified raw materials, about the incubation period, breeding techniques, the water filtration methods and Haukamýri´s market. The breeding station is growing year on year and currently has an annual production of 350 tons with over 90% of products sold on the European market. Pétur explained how vacuum-packed fresh fillets in single portion size were the most popular product, and on leaving fellows were invited to taste the delicious smoked Arctic char.


GPG Seafood is a leading fish company in Iceland with production in Raufarhöfn, Bakkafjörður and Húsavík. Quality Control Manager Ágúst Már Gunnlaugsson showed the GRÓ-FTP fellows around the Húsavík plant specialising in salted and dried fish products. Ágúst introduced GPG´s range of products which includes wet salted fish, light salted and salted fillets as well as other products. The fellows were interested in the quality process of grading the fish and how optimum usage is gained from the salt. After viewing the salting, packaging and drying processes and how all excess product is used, a lively discussion ensued on the cost difference between fresh and salted fish and the impact of the relative cost of labour in Iceland. Photographs of FTP´s visit to GPG and the Húsavík Whale Museum can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

GPG and Húsavík

After a stroll around Húsavík´s buzzing fishing and tourist harbour in the autumn sunshine, the fellows enjoyed a visit to the Húsavík Whale Museum where they could see different whale skeletons and pick up some fascinating facts about whales. The museum, housed in a renovated slaughterhouse, welcomes thousands of visitors each year who come to Húsavík to visit the whale watching centre of the north.