Gathering of FTP Scholarship Recipients

30 October 2019
Some scholarship recipients and staff at the meeting.
Some scholarship recipients and staff at the meeting.

This morning, a breakfast meeting was held for all Fisheries Training Programme scholarship recipients currently in Iceland pursuing MSc or PhD studies at Icelandic Universities. This distinguished group of former FTP fellows includes three MSc and six PhD students, representing Vietnam, Indonesia, Uganda, Angola, Ghana, Liberia, Cabo Verde, and Guyana. 

Through the scholarship programme, the Fisheries Training Programme works to strengthen academic institutions abroad and create research projects relating to pressing issues facing the development of fisheries in our partner countries. The FTP provides academic scholarships to former fellows who are admitted for studies at Icelandic Universities on their own merits. The FTP plays an active role in the development and supervision of the research work undertaken by the graduate scholarship recipients.  

The work undertaken by these graduate scholarship recipients supports the development of sustainable fisheries management, stock assessment, development of aquaculture, and increasing the nutritional and economic value of living aquatic resources in the recipients' home countries. 

Some of the scholarship recipients attending this morning's breakfast gathering have been in Iceland for a long time already, while others only began their studies this autumn. At the meeting, we discussed the opportunities to more actively involve the graduate scholarship recipients in the other activities of the FTP, including teaching and supervision for the FTP six-month programme, and participation in the development of FTP short courses. 

We at the FTP wish them all the best in their academic pursuits over the coming months and years.