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Graduation Wednesday 15th of May

13 May 2024
Graduation Wednesday 15th of May

A graduation ceremony for GRÓ Fisheries Training Programme’s 25th cohort of fellows will be held Wednesday 15th of May.

The ceremony will take place at the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, Fornubúðum 5 Hafnarfirði and start at 15:10.

Concurrently, a poster exhibition of the final projects of the graduating fellows will be on display at the same location.

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Preliminary order of events:

15:10 - 15:15 Guests arrive.

15:15 - 15:20 Director of Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, Mr. Þorsteinn Sigurðsson opens the graduation and welcomes the guests.

15:20 - 15:30 Director General, Directorate for International Development Cooperation, Ms. Elín R. Sigurðardóttir, addresses the guests.

15:30 - 15:35 Chairman of the GRÓ Governing Board, Mr. Jón Karl Ólafsson, addresses the guests.

15:35 - 16:05 Director of GRÓ-FTP, Mr. Þór Heiðar Ásgeirsson, presents fellows as they receive their graduation certificates.

16:05 – 16:12 Fellow’s representative, Mr. Eric T. S. Patten from Liberia, speaks on behalf of the group.

16:12 - 16:15 Director of Marine and Freshwater Research Institute delivers the closing words and invites the guests to the reception.

16:15-17:00 Reception. Guests are encouraged to view fellows´ research posters on display in the dining hall of MFRI.

The 2023-24 cohort includes 25 fellows from 15 countries -- in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. This year men (14) are three more than women (11). The biggest line of specialisation is the Fisheries Policy and Management line with 10 fellows; the three others all have five, the Aquatic Resource Assessment and Monitoring line, the Sustainable Aquaculture line and the Quality Management line.

Since the programme started in 1998, 488 fellows have completed the training in Iceland.

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