GRÓ-FTP signs new partnership agreement with Matís

18 September 2020
Thor Asgeirsson (Director, GRÓ-FTP), and Oddur Gunnarsson (CEO, Matís) celebrate with a
Thor Asgeirsson (Director, GRÓ-FTP), and Oddur Gunnarsson (CEO, Matís) celebrate with a "2020-handshake" after signing the new partnership agreement

We are delighted to announce that the GRÓ Fisheries Training Programme under the auspices of UNESCO has signed a new partnership agreement with Matís – Food Research and Biotech.

Over the past 22 years, FTP and Matís have enjoyed a strong collaboration, with Matís leading the implementation of the Quality Management in Fish Handling and Processing line of specialisation offered in the GRÓ-FTP’s 6-month programme.

Matís is an independent, governmentally owned research and development company headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland. Matís has a leading role in food and biotechnology research and innovation in Iceland and has years of experience in increasing the value creation in a small economy, through bridge building between funding agencies, investors, academia, research and industry. The primary aim of Matís is to increase the value from food processing and food production, through research, development, dissemination of knowledge and consultancy, as well as to ensure the safety and quality of food and feed products. This wealth of experience and knowledge provides an invaluable contribution to the work of the GRÓ Fisheries Training Programme.

Over the decades, Matis has actively and enthusiastically contributed to several other elements of GRÓ-FTP’s operations, working closely with us on a diverse range of projects all over the world. Matís has played a leading role in the scholarship programme for MSc and PhD candidates sponsorded through the GRÓ-FTP, working with 10 doctoral and numerous MSc students though this collaboration. To date, 137 fellows have completed their specialisation and research work at Matís, the highest proportion in all specialist lines we offer, highlighting both the importance of fish handling and processing in the field of fisheries development, and the commitment and competence of Matís to the aims of the GRÓ-FTP.

The new partnership agreement covers the areas of cooperation including implementation of the specialist line on fish quality management, supervision of fellows, collaboration of special projects, assistance with supervision of post-graduate students, and participation in the development of GRÓ-FTP’s activities. The agreement is effective immediately and will be in effect for three years.