News Fellows (2021-22)

GRÓ∙FTP’s six-month training resuming

10 September 2021
GRÓ∙FTP’s six-month training resuming

GRÓ∙FTP’s six-month training programme is resuming after one year suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Already most of this year’s fellows have arrived safely in Iceland.

The remining ones will join the programme in the coming days.

The 2021 cohort of fellows will be the biggest so far with 27 fishery professionals from 17 countries in Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, 15 females and 12 males.

Amongst the 27 fellows, 11 will follow the “Fisheries Policy and Management” line of specialisation, 6 the “Aquatic Resource Assessment and Monitoring” line, 6 the “Quality Management of Food Handling and Processing” line and 4 the “Sustainable Aquaculture” line.

The staff at FTP heartily welcomes the newly arrived fellows and hopes the remaining ones will be with us soon.