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Highlight on pelagic fisheries

11 November 2021
In front of Venus NS 150
In front of Venus NS 150

Pelagic fisheries were highlighted during the second day on a recent East Fjord field trip, organised by University of Akureyri for fellows on GRÓ-FTP’s Fisheries Policy and Management line of specialisation.

Like the day before, it started with a morning lecture at Múlinn in Neskaupstaður – this time on the value chain of herring, capelin, mackerel etc.

Amongst other, it was learnt that major pelagic fisheries companies in Iceland have in recent years undertaken massive investments in automated freezing plants and modern fishing vessels.

Lively discussions ensued about alternative jobs instead of those replaced by technology. Apparently numerous new opportunities have opened up in knowledge intensive fields with links to fisheries, like mechanical engineering, software development and seafood marketing.

In the afternoon the group drove to Vopnafjörður where some high-tech facilities for pelagic fisheries were explored.

The fellows were lucky to see the newly built vessel Venus NS 150 being unloaded in the harbour. It was a big catch of herring that was pumped directly from the ships cooling tanks into Brim’s processing plant nearby.

It is an approach that ensures fresh and good fish, resulting in a product of the highest quality.

Below are some photos from the day’s visits.

Morning session at Múlinn Neskaupstað
Múlinn has an interesting history
Artist Tryggvi Ólafsson was born in Neskaupstaður
Getting ready for visiting Brim Vopnafirði
In the wheelhouse of Venus NS 150
In front of Venus
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