SDG 14: Data for sustainable fisheries management

5 March 2021
SDG 14: Data for sustainable fisheries management

Data for sustainable fisheries management; towards Sustainable Development Goal 14

The second video in our Sustainable Development Goal 14 series focuses on SDG target 14.4.

SDG target 14.4 asks us to implement science-based management plans to restore fish stocks to maximum sustainable yield as determined by their biological characteristics in the shortest time feasible. A generation ago, 90% of the fish stocks we harvested came from sustainably sourced stocks, today the number is closer to 66%. To achieve target 14.4 and restore fish stocks to MSY, we need information about those stocks, but how do we know what is going on with the fish stocks we want to harvest?

Einar Hjörleifsson is a fisheries biologist with the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute in Iceland. In this video, he talks us through a through a fundamental fisheries equation to help us solve this problem.