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Sustainable aquaculture 2nd session

19 February 2020
Sustainable aquaculture 2nd session

Sustainable aquaculture is the main theme in the last in a series of six FTP presentation sessions this winter, Thursday February 20th at the MFRI auditorium Skúlagata 4 Reykjavík.

Two graduating fellows will introduce the final projects which they have been working on over the last three months under the supervision of specialists from our Icelandic partner institutes.

The presentations are open to all – it's a great opportunity to learn about some of the challenges fisheries and aquaculture are facing in different countries throughout the world.

Details are as follows:


Fellow /supervisor (s)



Shigen Ye (China)

   / Bernhard Laxdal

Disease prevention and control measures in salmonid farming: biosecurity management for the Chinese Industry


Happiness Ene Bassey (Nigeria)

   /Theódór Kristjánsson and Christophe Pampoulie

Phenotypic and genetic evaluation of farmed and wild Clarias gariepinus broodstocks in Nigeria