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Presentations at Verið Sauðárkróki

18 February 2020
Presentations at Verið Sauðárkróki

Verið in Sauðárkrókur will be the venue for the FTP morning presentation session Wednesday February 19th -- the topic is sustainable aquaculture.

Graduating fellows will introduce the final projects which they have been working on over the last three months under the supervision of specialists from our Icelandic partner institutes.

The presentations are open to all – it's a great opportunity to learn about some of the challenges fisheries and aquaculture are facing in different countries throughout the world.

Details are as follows:


Fellow /supervisor (s)



Hardin Aaron Jn Pierre (St Lucia)

   /Ólafur Sigurgeirsson

Incorporating artificial feed with live feed (artemia) in Marcrobrachium rosenbergii post larval production


Mogaji Oluwaseyi Yanmife (Nigeria)

   / Ólafur Sigurgeirsson

Evaluation of commercial and locally made feed in the culture of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in Nigeria


Leanne Alicia Morris (Jamaica)

   /David Benhaim

Developing a Protocol for the sustainable culture of micro algae for mangrove oyster crass (Lattes rhizaphorae) under hatchery conditions in Jamaica


Abimbola Opeyemi Olalere (Nigeria)

   /Helgi Thorarensen

Potential effects of inbreeding on African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) aquaculture in Nigeria

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