Grimur Valdimarsson


Grimur Valdimarsson


Short Bio

Grimur Valdimarsson holds a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Iceland (1973) and a Ph.D. in Marine Microbiology from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland (1977).

Grimur Valdimarsson has a long and varied career related to work in fisheries research and development. He led the Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories, a Government Institute dealing with all aspects of fish processing, product development and safety of products. Then he joined the UN FAO as Director of the Fish Products and Industry Division of the Fisheries Department. His work in FAO focused on how fish could best be utilized for food or feed and how the fishing sector could comply with increasing demands for more environmentally friendly fisheries. Since returning to Iceland in 2010, he has worked as a senior advisor in the Ministry of Industries and Innovation. 


  • PhD, , Ministry for Industry and Innovation,