Artur Hamitovich Ilyasov


Artur Hamitovich Ilyasov

2005 - Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing

Final project

Basic guidelines for improving Russian fish quality and safety laws: An approach to the newest food safety regulation

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Short Bio

M.Sc. in Technology of Fish products from the Murmansk State Technical University 09.1993-12.1998. Professional training and improvement of professional still. in Fish handling and processing control from the Vardö Videregaende Skole, Norway, Finnmark Fylkeskommune, Vandö. Professional Vardo School of High level. Year of study: 04.10 2004-09.10.2004. Professional training on the level of second high education in Water fiozeserves management and fish protection agriculture aspects from the The Moscow State Technological Academy. Year of study: 10.2002-10.2003. Professional training in Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout farms biomechanics. from the Honningsvag Fishing professional school of High level (Hanningsveg, Finnmark, Norway). Year of study: 09.2002-11.2002 Certificate in Technology from the Murmansk sea license (secondary school). 09. 1991-06 1993.