Ebou Mass Mbye


Ebou Mass Mbye

- Fishing Technology

Final project

Shrimp Fishery of the Gambia: A case study of the shrimp fishing gears

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Short Bio

Certificate in Target strengh from the Centre research Oceanography-Senegal Oct 2004-21.oct. 2004 Certificate in SIMPRAD FK 60 from SIMRAD. Year of study: 19. Feb.. 2004-27 Feb.. 2004 Certificate in Fisheries Management from the Research Institute of Rennes-France. Year of study: 18. June 2001-07. July 2001 Certificate in G.T.S. from the Centre de SUIVI Ecologique-Senegal. Year of study: 11. June 2001 - 15 June 2001 Certificate in Fisheries Research On board M/v Dr. Fridtjof NANSEN-Norway Year of study: 23. Sept. 2000 - 23. Oct. 2000 Certificate in Management from the Management Development East Gambia. year of study: 5/5 1999 - 11/6 1999 Certificate in Fishing gears from the Univ. of Kagoshines - Japan. Year of study: June 1988-June 1989 Diploma in Fishing gears from the Humberside College - United Kingdom. Year of study: Sept 1985-June 1986 Certificate in Coastal Fisheries from the Kanagawa Fisheries Center - Japan. Year of study: July 1983- Dec. 1983.