Estela Chichava Juliao Mausse


Estela Chichava Juliao Mausse

2000 - Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing

Final project

Shelf life of red fish stored in ice and MAP (modified atmosphere packaging). Development of the Quality Index Method for MAP red fish

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Short Bio

B.Sc. in veterinarian. She has taken short courses in various aspects of quality management in fishing industry (e.g. Norway 1994, Swaziland 1998 and Maputo 2000). DNP-Mozambiques Maputo. 03.2000 - 04.2000. Pescado Mananga - Swaizilandia 08.1998-09.1998. Pescado Speciescollege-Zlwbabwe. 01. 1998. 04.1998. Inglés Fisheriesdiveboats-Norveg. 05.1994-06.1994. Inspector loboratories. Mendunsa University-RSA 09.1991-10.1991. Vetevinavia CEM - Mocambique. 02.1985-11.1991. Veterinaug. Licenagtura