Famara Sambou Darboe


Famara Sambou Darboe

- Stock Assessment

Final project

Fish species abundance and distribution in The Gambia estuary

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Short Bio

M.Sc. in Marine Ecology from the VriJe University of Brussels (VUB). Sept. 1989-mars 1992. P.G.D. (Post Gradu. DIP) in Aquaculture from the Africa Regional Aquaculture centre (A.R.A.C). Jan 1995-Dec. 1995. B.Sc.equiv. in Ichthyology and fish breeding Engineer from the Belgorad-Dnest. Marine Fisheries Technicum. 1980-1983. 'O' Level in General Science from the Gambia High School (G.H.S.) sept. 1971-Jun 1976.