Mehdi Shakouri


Mehdi Shakouri

2003 - Env.studies

Final project

Impact of cage culture on sediment chemistry: A case study in Mjoifjordur

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Short Bio

Certificate in Environment from the Busher-Center for Fisheries Tech. 7.11.2000-10.11.2000. Certificate in Aquaculture from the Urmieh-National Center for Artemia. 12/01/1997-24/01/1997. Certificate in Aquaculture, from the Iloilo-philippine, Brackishwater Aquacenter. 22/11/1993-17/01/1994. Fisheries Sc. M.Sc. from the Tehran, Tehran University. 22/08/1991-21/08/1994. Fisheries Sc. M.Sc. from the Gorgan, Gorgan Univeristy. 12/02/1989-12/02/1991. Diploma in Environment from the Sari, MaZandaran University. 01/04/1986-11/02/1989.