Oksana Tariche Pastor


Oksana Tariche Pastor

2002 - Stock Assessment
Cape Verde

Final project

Life history and stock assessment of the African hind Cephalopholis taeniops (Valenciennes, 1828) in São Vicente- São Nicolau insular shelf of the Cape Verde archipelago

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Short Bio

Certificate of participation in Fisheries Management from the Wageningen, International Aqricultural center. Jan/2001-March 2001. Fisheries Management. Postgraduate certificate in Management of Natural reservices from the Mindelo, Azares University. March 1999- March 2000. management of Natural reservices. Certificate of participation in Planning in aqricultural and fisheries research from the Praia, Sahel University. March 1998-March 1998. B.Sc. in Biology from the Volgograd, University of Volgograd. Sep. 198-June 1994.